Managed Flarum hosting, nurturing blooming communities

Managed hosting for Flarum

Nurturing blooming communities.

  • Pay for what you use.
  • By the Flarum team.
  • Scales with your growth.
  • Hosting and Flarum experts.
  • No tickets, no bots, real people.
  • Runs on the reliable Azure Cloud.

Growing communities

How we helped our customers grow

"I highly recommend using the managed hosting service! The team is extremely professional and very capable to solve any issues. We have been using the managed hosting service since April 2021 and are very happy to use it. "


"If you have a growing community and find yourself with limited time to do server tweaks [Flarum Hosting] is a fantastic use case for you. Having a team with great knowledge of the platform monitor your forums and constantly improving it is incredible."

Gustav Johansson

Succeeding communities

Take charge of your community growth

Stop worrying about installing or updating extensions with composer, website backups or whether your hosting plan can cope with immediate peaks of attention. Allow us to allow you to focus on growing your community into a success!


Is your community getting slow or no longer responds with gradual or sudden attention? Not on our platform! At the center of attention, we will handle responsiveness.

Feature Complete

All communities have a massive amount of pre-installed extensions and those are supported by us to guarantee for future use. In addition we include all 1st party premium extensions for free.

Rolling Releases

Our team is on top of new releases and will ship those in a timely manner. Your communities are updated almost instantly, without noticeable downtime.

Expert Support

As Flarum is our product, we know the ins and outs by heart. We work arduously to make it faster, prettier and more extensible for everyone every, single day.

All Sizes

Whether you are just starting out or see thousands of concurrent users interacting with your community, we got your back! Grow and shrink whenever you need to.

Own Your Data

Your data is always yours! And Flarum is open source. Export your data whenever you want, to backup or import on your own hosting environment. No questions asked.

Flexible plans

We base your plan on the number of people simultaneously visiting your community.

Sample of 30 icons with friendly and fun details in outline, filled, and brand color styles.

Start your managed Flarum community for as low as €50.00 per month. Our yearly plans give you one month discount.

Our plans include

  • Soft limits. More visitors than usual? Not an issue. If it gets excessive we will reach out to you to discuss a solution.
  • File storage. Avatars and uploads are stored in the cloud.
  • Free premium 1st party extensions. All premium extensions authored by Flarum are free to use.
  • Automatic upgrades. Flarum and extensions are updated periodically.

Vibrant communities

Customize to your needs

Our platform ships with the most widely adopted extensions, covering most of your needs. Still missing one? We'll gladly review and install or build extensions to fulfil all of your requirements.

Power Up with 136 extensions

We offer a vast amount of extensions to grow your community to fit your needs! Being closely involved in the Flarum ecosystem in maintaining and developing extensions grants us a large library of addons for your forum.

Name Description
FoF Filter
Filter out words and phrases from forum posts
FoF Webhooks
Flarum with webhooks
FoF Custom Footer
custom footer
Allows the Addition of a Custom Footer
External Conversations
external conversations
Base package for supporting creation of new discussions and replies from an external source
FoF Cookie Consent
cookie consent
Customizable cookie consent notice
Email verification switch
email verification switch
Disable new registered user email verification.
FoF Masquerade
User profile builder extension for your Flarum forum.
French language pack to localize the Flarum forum software plus its official and third-party extensions.
FoF HTML Errors
html errors
Add custom HTML error pages
Geolocation for your Flarum forum

Contact us

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"Whether you're just starting out or running a thriving community, I'd love to hear about your community and find ways to support your ambitions."

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Interested in our services? Questions about any of our closed or open source extensions? Curious about how we run our hosting platform?

Feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.